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Review and Buying Guide of Swan 20 Litre Catering Urn

Obtained this for the office environment and it does the job well, can make the tea operate a great deal a lot easier, or so i am instructed, i’m nonetheless not flipping performing it. Number of ideas, never throw it more than somebody’s head like they do with ice buckets at the stop of an american football motion picture, until its your final day, also you should not set your hand on the facet of it to check its performing, and then repeat that miscalculation each day, just look at the lights or pour some h2o out.

Good minimal urn with the only difficulty being that it. Nice small urn with the only trouble becoming that it is either ‘off’ , or ‘on ‘ and not easy to preserve warm in advance of you have to reboots the temperature.

The jury is nevertheless out on this one. We bought this perfectly in progress of a charity celebration. I tried using it out as quickly as it arrived and it labored wonderful. Then plugged it in on the significant day, lights all came on but drinking water did not heat up…. Tried the reset button a lot of moments, but had to resort to masses of kettle boiling… phoned up future day and they dropped of a substitute the day following. I have tried the new a person and it does get the job done at the moment, but nonetheless to use it in anger….

Key specs for Swan 20 Litre Catering Urn:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Keep hot funtion
  • 20 litre capacity
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Unique style steam vented lid fitting
  • Concealed element
  • Full colour retail box

Comments from buyers

“swan 20 litre hot water urn, Swan 20 Litre Catering Urn, Excellent value for money, Shiny, time saving and with a little adaptation perfect for office use!, Great reliability, Does a good job.”

Shiny, time saving and with a minor adaptation ideal for place of work use. We acquired this urn to halt the 5 minute hold out and basic decline of productiveness as workers stood all over ready for it to boil – and it has actually served its objective. This is a big generate – we use it in our office environment for twelve people today and only require to fill it up each individual working day or so. It is a bit simple in that it heats all of the water, so this could be viewed as not quite power successful, particularly above night if somebody forgets to switch it off. So we obtained a electronic wall electricity plug with a timer, it switches the urn on 10 minutes prior to do the job and 10 minutes following and off all weekend (make absolutely sure you get a electronic a single with 7 working day particular person regulate if you are making use of it in an office) and now we you should not have to get worried about the human component. It is supposed to switch off prior to it boils dry – but we have not examined this as but.

Great urn, wonderful not acquiring to observe that it doesn’t boil more than as it switches to maintain heat after it has achieved temperature.

Pleased with merchandise and price paid.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Swan 20 Litre Catering Urn

  1. DAVID WARD says:
    Be aware that a full tank does take time to heat up, so do plan for this time if you are running a party.
  2. Raznic says:

    This review is from : Swan 20 Litre Catering Urn

    This is the second of these i have purchased for our small café business. They get so much use we have actually worn one out. For the price they are just not worth repairing. The only reason i have not given 5 stars is that we use mugs and the spout is just a tad low for them. Like all these urns it does take the best part of an hour to get up to temperature from cold. Easily solved by putting it on a timer.
    • Mark Howard says:
      Used daily 24/7, 2 years later this is still going strong. Fantastic quality, this is my second swan catering water urn. Used to purchase other well known brand but their urns never lasted more than 7 months. Thus i’m a swan fan due to their excellent build quality; reliability and great prices.
  3. L Tidd says:

    This review is from : Swan 20 Litre Catering Urn

    For use at our village hall. Has been very useful already.
  4. K J Mance says:

    This review is from : Swan 20 Litre Catering Urn

    A great buy, easy to use and light -. We bought this for a school pta to use at functions/fayres etc, a great buy, easy to use and light – perfect.
  5. RandyBoy says:

    This review is from : Swan 20 Litre Catering Urn

    For the price of only 3 cheap kettles. . Now i have hot water in the garage and can wash & wax the car with warm water, even in the depths of winter.
  6. Tilly Taylor x says:

    This review is from : Swan 20 Litre Catering Urn

    Bought for office for tea and coffee making. Big size heats up quickly very happy.

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