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Review and Buying Guide of Prestige Porcelain Enamel Whistling Kettle

I purchased this as a christmas gift more than yr ago, they beloved it and it is nonetheless in day by day use, i have just purchased myself a person, it appears to be to consider no time at all to boil and keeps the water sizzling if kept on the (induction) hob. Dont know what it is like on other stoves even though.

I purchased this in oct 2010 after i over cooked it can be wessex predecessor. To be fair, it did past 9 months which is five months for a longer time than the wessex. I loved it at very first and the color is divine but i am effortlessly swayed by appears and overlooked the actuality that the take care of gets so incredibly hot that you have to use a cloth to tackle it and the spout splutters when it boils which suggests that there are generally drinking water marks on the hob. To begin with, the whistle worked very well but more than time it bought quieter and i also experienced to don’t forget to force the whistle back again into place for the reason that the spring held sticking. Its demise came yesterday when the whistle unsuccessful absolutely when i had trotted off to do a little bit of surfing and forgot all about it. The washers under the take care of joints melted (at the very least i feel that’s what they had been) and ran down the sides of the kettle and the rubber on the take care of and lid also started out to melt. Not a really sightif you are absent minded like me, this may possibly not be the kettle for you. I have just purchased a further red kettle, this time a kitchen area craft and if i take care of to melt that i will have to reluctantly return to the electric powered wide range – that’s if i have not burnt the property down.

It is so superior to glance at and great top quality.

Key specs for Prestige Porcelain Enamel Whistling Kettle, 2 Litre – Red:

  • Prestige red porcelain enamel 2 litre whistling kettle, 19 cm x 19 cm x 23 cm
  • Porcelain enamel exterior
  • Whistling feature indicates when water is boiled
  • Lock open spout for easy filling and pouring
  • Suitable for all cooker types including induction

Comments from buyers

“Slow burner. Good Looker., Whistling Kettle, Fab piece of equipment, Really nice design., Great quality I would buy this again and again, Very pleased with it”

A kettle acceptable for our new induction hob. Specifically what we hoped it would be – well carried out.

Super kettle for an induction hob and you just can`t overlook the whistle . I have retired my electric kettle as it is considerably far more electricity successful. It holds a good amount of money of drinking water but be carefull not to overfill as the h2o spurts out of the spout quite fiercely an indicator would be helpfull.

Bough mostly to be environmentaly additional freindly and to help you save power ,but it appears to be like good and ,after you get utilised to it becoming a tiny slower than electric,is quite simple.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Prestige Porcelain Enamel Whistling Kettle

  1. Mrs W says:
    The delivery of this was extremely quick. As far as quality, etc etc goes.
  2. cathy says:

    This review is from : Prestige Porcelain Enamel Whistling Kettle, 2 Litre – Red

    Does exactly as it is supposed to. Only downside is its not so easy to fill it through the spout.
    • Kindle Customer says:
      A kettle suitable for our new induction hob. Precisely what we hoped it would be – well done.
      • Mr K Dalzell says:
        Great quality i would buy this again and again. Great quality i would buy this again and again, it’s great on our log burner, fantastic product, not light a good weight to this item its lasted us years ?.
  3. Mrs Christine Tyler says:

    This review is from : Prestige Porcelain Enamel Whistling Kettle, 2 Litre – Red

    This is the second identical kettle i have bought after my first kettle finally gave up the ghost after many years service.
    • Survivor says:
      I saw this kettle on sale at lakeland for £47. 99 and would have ordered it but thought it was too pricey. Further investigation revealed the same item on ebay for £18. Then looked on amazon at the reviews and tried to unorder from ebay. This was not possible and i thought i had made a serious error. Now having received the kettle and used it extensively i am glad that i was unable to cancel as it is a fantastic piece of equipment. It does not overheat the handle and the pouring spout at 45 degrees is not the widest opening but i can fit it under the tap to fill and it is more than adequate for pouring out. Prestige is a firm i have previously bought off and trust. And i am pleased to say they have not let me down this time.
      • Del says:
        Good quality kettle but let down by the high pitch. Good quality kettle but let down by the high pitch of the whistle which is a bit annoying as it is hard on the ears.
  4. Granny Gwen says:

    This review is from : Prestige Porcelain Enamel Whistling Kettle, 2 Litre – Red

    This kettle serves its purpose but there is no gauge on the outside to indicate the level of fill so we frequently heat up too much or too little water. It does come to the boil quickly on the new induction hob and this is why we bought a stove top kettle. Also it is quite a poor pourer, the water does not flow out in a gentle stream which i would have preferred, it tends to splutter,on he whole not the ideal purchase but too late. There is never an opportunity to test the pouring quality of a kettle, teapot or jug and sometimes the quality is unsatisfactory, as in this case.

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