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Review and Buying Guide of Philips HD4671/20 Energy Efficient Kettle

Philips hd4671/20 energy efficient kettle brushed metal 3. 7li recently experienced to exchange my aged tefal vitesse kettle and chose to go with a different tefal vitesse but upgraded to the brushed chrome model. I assumed when i was very first working with it that it was rather noisy, but remaining a tefal supporter i stuck with it. Then it started off to not go off the boil and unless of course i manually switched it off it would just boil away. I produced some calls and had it verified that i could return the tefal kettle to the retailer, (not amazon)then the lookup was on for a further alternative kettle. Amazon is generally one of my initial ports of contact for nearly anything that i purchase and i obtain the reviews invaluble. Just after looking on amazon i did verify out this kettle in a regional store and made the decision i definitely preferred it, especially the 1 cup potential, the significant filling opening, the 360 diploma base and the good brushed steel. I didn’t however like their cost so arrived back again to purchase from amazon, as not only was their rate much much more aggressive, but i also know that amazon have fantastic consumer support.

Extremely satisfied with this kettle. It can be a lot quieter and more quickly than our past kettle. My only criticism is that it is tough to completely empty the kettle – there is constantly a bit of water left. To fill a cup i want to fill the kettle to the two cup mark. Total, i would surely recommend this kettle.

– easy to fill, though can’t see gauge if filling as a result of lid fairly than the spout solution- not also noisy- boils swiftly- not too hefty- seems modern- cup symbols pointless gimmick.

Key specs for Philips HD4671/20 Energy Efficient Kettle, 3000 Watt, 1.7 Litre – Brushed Metal:

  • One-cup indicator to avoid boiling more water than you need, saving up to 66% energy
  • Hinged locking lid: easy to use, maximum safety
  • Flat heating element for fast boiling and easy cleaning
  • Double action filter for clear water and a cleaner kettle

Comments from buyers

“So far, so good! 6 years on update!!!!, Quiet, boils quickly, pours well – perfect!, One of the best kettles available, great design features, Hugely impressive ., excellent value for money., Top quality kettle”

Good, but surely not spectacular. We acquired this after some deliberation on the environmental merits of many types, at some point dismissing all those with a separate reservoir as just gimics. Unfortunately, i imagine this a person suffers from greenwash, way too. The slit for monitoring drinking water degree is hardly innovative. The bizarre taste that final results if the kettle is stuffed a lot more than a couple of minutes ahead of boiling also probably leads to some drinking water wastage, whilst we do attempt not to boil far more than we require. A lot more disturbing is the way that this strange flavour is nevertheless existing a pair of months right after obtain. On the plus facet, it truly is durable, quickly, pours effectively and is effortless to descale.

When my stainless metal hinari kettle lastly began leaking in an alarming way i experienced to obtain a replacement quickly. I normally like to do my research to start with, and i was drawn to the philips hd4671 by four features. First of all, it statements to be really energy efficient and permits you to boil as minimal as a person cup of drinking water. Secondly, as opposed to my hinari, it has a brushed metal rather than shiny finish, which stays on the lookout superior for lengthier (much more resistant to finger prints/drinking water stains). Also, it has a metal lid, so this should not warp and commence to crumble as the plastic lid on the hinari has carried out. on amazon at the time of purchase. My initial thoughts on receiving the kettle were that it was larger than i’d expected (it holds 1. ]

Fantastic worth for revenue. . I experienced an highly-priced delonghi kettle right before this that was noisy and fell aside. This kettle is peaceful, swift and good price and appears superior far too.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Philips HD4671/20 Energy Efficient Kettle

  1. P. Vassa says:
    The outside doesn’t get too hot when the water has boiled which is a bonus. What i like is that when you turn the kettle on, the on switch illuminates blue, making this seem a more expensive kettle that it actually is. We’ve had this kettle 4 years before the illuminating blue bulb stopped working. However contact philips customer services they replaced the kettle with no questions asked (fantastic customer service). The water levels is done by the number of cups and also in milllitres. You can boil just one cups worth of water, and takes less than 2 minutes to boil, so is very efficient and doesn’t waste that much electricityi would highly recommend.
    • M. Maynard says:
      Very good looking kettle – boiled quickly – like the cup measurement thingy on the side – only minus is the taste of the water when boiled – yuk tastes like tcp – i think with longer use the taste will go hopefully as plastic lined – hence rated 4 stars -.
  2. J. Miller says:
    Civilised kettle, quiet, elegant and practical. . I wanted to replace an old noisy kettle, and looked for a nice quality, quiet kettle. The best part about this kettle is the noise level – i measured it as 60 – 66 db when standing next to it – much the same as the previous one, but the frequencies it makes mean that one can still hold a conversation (60 – 70 db), or follow what is being said on the radio. The plastic view window allows me to see the water level, meaning that i don’t boil more water than the cafetiere or teapot need. There was a plastic-taste initially, but it soon went. Pours well, and the flip top button and illuminated on/off switch have a nice feel when used.
    • victoria crowdy says:
      Years now and it’s a reliable kettle and looks smart. Just need to replace the filter and considering. I have had this kettle for 3 years now and it’s a reliable kettle and looks smart. Just need to replace the filter and considering just buying a new kettle altogether as they have come right down in price and the filter is £11.

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