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Review and Buying Guide of Morphy Richards 43926 Accents Hot Water Dispenser

Fantastic, far better than our old tefal one cup machine it seems much more efficient in its operation and very much quieter. The design is clever and well thought out as well as being stylish and good looking it fits in ideally in any kitchen, the spout is at a good height which allows the filling of large mugs, jugs etc with the drip tray large enough to support them, a vast improvement on the tefal. Another great advantage is that it is very much cheaper than the tefal and doesn’t required very expensive filters that only lasted a couple of weeks.We purchased a brita filter jug for filling it as we live in a hard water area so topping up is a breeze, there is absolutely no reason to lift the main body for topping up as some other reviewers had said, then complaining it was heavystylish quick easy we love it highly recommended .

I have a disability with my hands and cannot use a bog standard kettle but this wonderful gizmo has arrived in my kitchen and turned my life around totally. It does everything it claims to do and it looks pretty cool as a kitchen utensil. Thank you for designing and manufacturing this superb gadget.

Love this, its very good, easy to use and the only problem i have is i have yet to find a way to empty it fully. This is annoying as if you go away you cannot fully empty it prior to going.

Key specs for Morphy Richards 43926 Accents Hot Water Dispenser – Red:

  • One-cup dispensing system can save up to 70% less energy than a normal kettle
  • Large 1.8 litre capacity
  • Fast 45 second dispense time
  • Removable drip tray
  • Stop button function prevents any risk of overflowing

Comments from buyers

“Quicker than a quick cup., wonderful acquisition, Meno Heat and Dispense, Morphy Richards Meno Heat and Dispence Unit, Morphy Richards Meno, Innovative product”

Fantastic machine as i’m disabled with m. And cant lift too much weight so this is a brilliant and safe solution no more trying to lift kettles of hot water and i fill a jug with water from the one cup and pour that into my saucepans too all round wonderful machine.

I like this gadget on the whole, and enjoy using it. It is easy to fill and to use. Much more economical than a kettle, as you only boil what you are using for one cup, and for 30-40 seconds onlycon’s:. It is not easy to empty (lots of tipping is involved in removing the water each night. At breakfast i don’t want to be drinking warmish water which has sat in the reservoir all night). The button which allows you to choose how much water goes in the cup is a bit random, as it is a rather wobbly slide button with no ‘clicks’ to indicate you have it in the right place. . The tea really isn’t as good unless you pre-heat the cup with hot water. I am not usually fussy about these things, but even i can taste the difference. It is because the water isn’t quite hot enough when poured directly into a cold cup. . Not much good for groups of visitors. Overall i still like it, and for quick cuppas on the go during the day, it is great.

My kettle required replacing. Someone suggested a one cup. My doubt quickly dissapeared, it’s brilliant, not just for coffee and tea, but also filling jugs and pans. The water is produced at a perfect temperature, and importantly in the quantity you require. As with other reviews, the quantity slider feels fragile, but is precise and works well.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Morphy Richards 43926 Accents Hot Water Dispenser

  1. Gjs Grant says:
    Brilliant piece of kit, should have got one ages ago, just make sure the water is changed often enough.
  2. Beasybe says:

    This review is from : Morphy Richards 43926 Accents Hot Water Dispenser – Red

    We had toyed with the idea of buying this, we did a bit of research online and this seemed the right model for us. Its nice looking and does exactly what it says. Perfect for our small kitchen, don’t know how we managed without it.
    • rod says:
      Great item and speedy delivery. I cannot find any faults at all it makes a perfect cuppa every time. Living in hard water area will have to descale every so often but that aside it’s a fantastic solution for me and saves on electric as well have been boiling a 3kw kettle previously.
      • Mrs. LINDA JENKINS says:
        Wonderful had a similar one before but this is much better and so energy saving as only boils what you need instead of a fullkettle.
  3. Alan1934 says:
    Great little water boiler. . Bought this to replace a breville vkj318 which was becoming very noisy and on/off switch kept sticking. Followed the instructions by morphy richards,rinsed out first with cold water, ran through with 3 fillings till i got right setting, have made both tea & coffee with no plastic taste whatever. A fantastic piece of kit with the bonus of a built in carrying handle.
    • Amazon Customer says:
      Fantastic item really useful impressed with being able to set water to different cup sizes.
  4. Amazon Customer says:

    This review is from : Morphy Richards 43926 Accents Hot Water Dispenser – Red

    Great item, my blind daughter can now make her own tea without the help of me.
    • pandora says:
      So glad we bought this product. It’s so easy to use, very quick to boil. My grandaughter who’s 10yrs and my 86yr old mother are happy, and it’s much safer for them both to make their hot drinks now, without them trying to lift a kettle. Excellent, highly recommended.
  5. linda confue nicholles says:

    This review is from : Morphy Richards 43926 Accents Hot Water Dispenser – Red

    This is so easy to use only one problem is you can’t see. This is so easy to use only one problem is you can’t see the water level that good there should be a light ?.
    • Connan F. says:
      The volume selector is not accurate enough. The volume selector is not accurate enough though.
      • chris says:
        Got this as our elderly mum is struggling to lift a kettle that is more than half full. It has been a great buy as its easy to use and fill, our mum can top it up by using a pint jug rather than using the tap at the sink. At meal times when all the family want a hot drink we use the kettle but during the day if its only one cup that is needed its great.
  6. D S CRABB says:
    Works ok but doesn’t feel very good quality. . This was a spur-of-the-moment purchase after our kettle broke. It works ok although the amount of water it dispenses varies and the slider on top seems to have a mind of it’s own. I’ve no way of knowing if this is normal because i have nothing to compare it with. The ‘on’ switch sometimes is very stiff but it has always worked so it’s not really a problem but it does suggest to me that the components are not the best quality. We’ve only had it for a short time so it’s a bit early to know whether it will be successful or whether it will be replaced quickly with a new kettle. I must admit that the ability to make a single cup of tea quickly is a plus.
  7. Lazy Shopper says:

    This review is from : Morphy Richards 43926 Accents Hot Water Dispenser – Red

    Easy to use, quick and quiet. . I love my new one cup, it saves on electricity, it’s quick, fairly quiet and does the job. It’s good to look at and easy to fill, very pleased with this product. One minor detail is that the slide measure is quite easily moved and after filling i would advise that you check it has not been knocked to max in case your cup/mug overflows.

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