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Review and Buying Guide of Kenwood SJM100 Moda Kettle

Seems to be like a bullet & boils as rapid as a bullet. Only criticism is the the poxy water level window is out of check out for me and not at all effortless to read even when the lever/swap is on i can not see it clearly. Switches off mechanically when lifted. The plastic insert for the one cup filling can make a mess if in a hurry for a cuppa as it restricts the h2o stream as well significantly and spilt drinking water is unavoidable. Boiling time is rapid even even though it looks to boil for ages in advance of killing the electric power. Pretty pretty even though i would like the degree/indicator was additional obvious.

Fantastic for partners and singles. The kettle is fantastic and speedy more than enough. It is a bit on the little aspect which will be a beneficial for some, even so i do come across when i have to have to fill up a pan i get caught out and would desire anything a little bit larger. I probably would not endorse it for households or larger homes, but for the one human being with confined room it could be excellent.

Evaluation of kenwood sjm100 modal kettele stainless steel. Kenwood is regarded for its high-quality. This is a new design and style from my earlier one particular i utilized just before for 5 yrs. It is pretty modern design with compact character. I advocate it for any one nt working with model name to verify it out.

Key specs for Kenwood SJM100 Moda Kettle – Stainless Steel:

  • 3 kW power with 1.6 L water capacity
  • Ecofill™ feature for energy-saving in the kitchen
  • Polished and brushed stainless steel finish
  • Dual water windows and illuminated on/off switch
  • Matching Moda 2-slice toaster available

Comments from buyers

“Good looking, fast, economical, practical., Fine for Couples and Singles, About as exciting as a kettle gets, A neat design & an exuberant bolier!, Absolutely lovely kettle, Looks like a bullet & boils as fast as a bullet”

(15 cups a day on ordinary) and i really don’t like to be a pussy and make a pot. I consume a ton of tea (fifteen cups a day on typical) and i really don’t like to be a pussy and make a pot. I like to make a clean cup just about every time. With that said, my evaluation might be severe. If you are an average human currently being and you usually are not frequently waiting for your kettle to boil, this item may past for a longer time for you than it did for me. The structure is superb, and it features beautifully for a whilst, but it failed to previous as extended as my crappy £5 tesco selection.

Does what it suggests on the shiny lid. Typically, i’ve been of the belief that a person approach of boiling h2o is as successful as another. Currently being in a position to boil just more than enough water for 2 mugs of tea is a definitely fantastic concept. I really like the seems, i appreciate the create high quality, i enjoy the velocity of boil and i enjoy the ingenious drinking water metering system.

This was a substitute for the similar product or service we experienced just before, but i should point out that for rather a even though we experienced a peculiar style from the kettle. We know it was the kettle because we boiled h2o from a variance source and experienced no troubles. Just after some time the flavor has returned to regular and we are pleased with the product.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Kenwood SJM100 Moda Kettle

  1. Marj says:
    Of the same model as i had been very pleased with it. I purchased this kettle to replace an old one of the same model as i had been very pleased with it. I followed kenwood’s instructions and filled the kettle, boiled and discarded the water twice. I proceeded to use the kettle but noticed a peculiar taste in the water despite repeatedly boiling more times. I telephoned kenwood’s customer services and they said that there was a coating on the inside of the kettle to inhibit scale build up and perhaps in this case the coating was thicker. They gave the option of returning the kettle to amazon for a replacement under the guarantee or to try doing a descale as this might help. I descaled the kettle twice using citric acid descaler, which can be purchased in bulk quite cheaply. This greatly reduced the taste in the water. Which has further diminished with use of the kettle. I would have given five stars but for this reason have given four.
    • recipio says:
      Nice design – you pays your money etc. Despite the negative reviews i bought this to replace an existing model. I like the ‘windows’ that indicate water level which seem to be designed out of many supermarket models. It fill easily through he spout. As far as i can see all modern kettles are disposable items lasting 3-4 years at best.
  2. Anita G. says:
    Therefor remains looking pretty perfect. Other than that it does what it should without complaining.
  3. Miss S White says:

    This review is from : Kenwood SJM100 Moda Kettle – Stainless Steel

    It’s perfect for one or two people. This was to replace the same kettle which was slightly bigger than this. It’s perfect for one or two people. It boils quickly and looks good.
  4. boristhecatto says:

    This review is from : Kenwood SJM100 Moda Kettle – Stainless Steel

    It’s a good kettle, however it did require three or four pots boiled and disposed to get a clean taste. It is an exact replacement for a previous kenwood which lasted well.
    • Maria Kolosova says:
      Nice looking and good kettle, however it broke. Great kettle, when it works. After 10 months of using it, the on switch doesn’t stay on anymore and i have to manually hold it down for the water to boil.
      • Andy says:
        It is of a satisfying weight and sits on its base easily. The reasons i give it 3 stars it. It’s a kettle it boils water, it looks as it does in the image, it is of a satisfying weight and sits on its base easily. The reasons i give it 3 stars it our just stopped working after 2. 5 years which i consider a short innings for a kettle, our previous one lasting 10 years before looking a bit tired (it still worked).
  5. Karolina says:

    This review is from : Kenwood SJM100 Moda Kettle – Stainless Steel

    Highly recommend for a sleek looking kettle. Description and photos are completely accurate.
    • Elizabeth C. Colley says:
      Great kettle that still looks brand new two years on. Easy to open lid, and pleasing blue light all goes to make this a very nice item.
      • Vanessa Underwood says:
        Excellent from kenwood as always – good to look at. Excellent from kenwood as always – good to look at and works in an efficient and very quiet way.

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