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Review and Buying Guide of I’m A Kettle Colour: Lime

The look of the kettle is really pleasing, effortless to use, the only factor i am not much too keen on is that the water gauge is guiding the take care of and is not uncomplicated to see when filling.

Great kettle and lovely colour. Made use of every day and is effective a deal with.

This is a wonderful kettle, not drastically costly, but does the job fantastic, awesome colour, would most undoubtedly buy from them yet again.

Comments from buyers

“Stylish and practical, To expensive for this item, bright and cheerful, I’m A Kettle Colour Lime, it’s a green kettle, Lime green kettle”

Pleasant seeking but a little bit flimsy, but on the up facet it boils quickly and is not to weighty even when complete.

This kettle is a superb colourreally straightforward to use good and mild. Perfectly manufactured and appears to be like very stylish. The matching toaster seriously would make a fantastic set many thanks.

A minimal noisy, but quite purposeful.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of I’m A Kettle Colour: Lime

  1. Verified Purchase says:
    Great kettle and lovely colour. Used daily and works a treat.
    • Verified Purchase says:
      This is a nice kettle, not greatly expensive, but does the job fine, nice colour, would most certainly buy from them again.
  2. Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : I’m A Kettle Colour: Lime

    Bought this kettle but didn’t have much money to spend. It has been really good after we got over the initial smell it made the first few times we boiled it. Eventually cleared and both looks good and works well.
    • Verified Purchase says:
      Arrived in good time, nice kettle and most importantly it doesn’t dribble which was the reason i went for this design (spout being lower than the lid). A little noisy when first switched on probably because it is metal and not plastic but it boils quickly so i can live with that. Great colour, goes with my kitchen accessories. Would recommend seller and product.
      • Verified Purchase says:
        Very pleased with the kettle. Colour and design are just right. It appears to be working all right so far.
  3. Verified Purchase says:
    Saw it in a local shop for £15 more than i paid. It arrived within a few days would recommend it to anyone.

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