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Review and Buying Guide of Dualit 72200 Jug Kettle

Modest but quite excellent, just what was essential. I however have a significant dualit for company, but with just a few this is excellent.

Suitable for smaller sized homes. . This jug kettle is an ideal dimension. It truly is a lot lighter than the entire measurement kettle, therefore a lot easier for me to raise as i have issues with arthritis. It conveniently boils sufficient water for up to three individuals. I previously experienced its big brother, which was becoming challenging to raise. When it failed, just after around seven several years, i didn’t wait to invest in the smaller variation.

This products was the ideal dimensions and has the seem i wished.

Key specs for Dualit 72200 Jug Kettle, 2200 W, 1 L – Stainless Steel/Black:

  • Cordless operation
  • Rapid boil concealed element
  • Hinged lid
  • Washable limescale filter
  • Boil dry safety feature

Comments from buyers

“High Quality 2 Pint full Power Kettle :- – -:- Updated Nov 2012, At last a quality 1 litre jug, Dualit 72200 1 Litre Kettle Jug, Excellent product, Fantastic little jug kettle, great little kettle”

I have experienced this kettle due to the fact december 2012. It is a quite tiny kettle and is the ideal dimension for me. Unfortunately, on earning my tea this early morning it died. I experienced hoped that it would very last me significantly more time than ten months, but it would seem in daily life some relationships are fleeting. Amazon and dualit, please observe. A kettle is for daily life, not just for christmas. I would inquire for my dollars back but regretably my trusty kettle lasted just prolonged enough that this is no for a longer time an solution.

Greatest kettle we’ve ever had – really worth it. I obtained fed up of changing kettles so resolved to go for 1 which ideally will previous much more time. We experienced a incredibly nice status plastic kettle which lasted about 2 and a fifty percent several years then died. I don’t feel two and a 50 % many years is that extensive for anything that charges around £30, but replaced it with the exact same 1 as we appreciated the design – and the 2nd one overheated and died within just three months (furthermore it was too easy for the basic safety switch to get held in if pressed up from a little something). So i believed – proper – i want a stainless metal kettle that is not way too huge and weighty and has a security change that flips up and down instead than in and out. I experienced witnessed these a quantity of situations but considered them a bit dear. But – this one value just below £40 and my aged a person charge about £35 – and if this lasts a great deal for a longer period it will be worthy of it. I bought the 1 litre a single for the reason that i didn’t want something as well weighty, and at initially it did look little and odd sitting on the worktop, but it seriously is a excellent dimensions. We usually only boil drinking water for cups of tea, and it is additional than sufficient for that.

An pricey kettle to buy and the reality that it is a sealed unit and the you can not switch just the element would make it even additional of a luxury product but. I had my last a person 5 many years, on and off all working day and if you are older, getting trouble with your your wrists and joints lifting, it is a charming kettle to buy, lifting and pouring designed easier because of its absence of top, beautifully created and i would purchase again and again. Bear in mind it is a 1 litre kettle and whilst you can get other kettles with cup measurements proven, you even now have to elevate and manoeuvre a massive awkward size.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Dualit 72200 Jug Kettle

  1. Katie H says:

    This review is from : Dualit 72200 Jug Kettle, 2200 W, 1 L – Stainless Steel/Black

    Beautifully designed, & a pleasure to use. Dinky little kettle, but due to it”s 2200w, it has that water boiling before i can throw some coffee into the cafetière (and feed the dogs)beautifully designed, & a pleasure to use. It just needed a careful tweak with a pair of pliers to slightly flatten the 2 lugs in the lid so that it was easier to flip it open to fill.
    • H E Gooch says:
      Good product but small kettle. . A lovely kettle but very small. I hadn’t read the size properly. Good for one person or for saving electricity.
      • teresa parkinson says:
        Very happy with this smart little kettle. It boils very quickly and so far i have not experienced any problems. The lid opens easily, it is not overly noisy and sits very neatly on the counter. After looking at other small kettles including the sage compact [very overpriced] i am very pleased with the look and function of my purchase.
  2. D A Barham says:

    This review is from : Dualit 72200 Jug Kettle, 2200 W, 1 L – Stainless Steel/Black

    Bought as a replacement for a previous small dualit kettle. Good quality stainless steel kettle ideal for boiling small amounts of water without the horrible plastic taste of plastic kettles.
  3. Amazon Customer says:

    This review is from : Dualit 72200 Jug Kettle, 2200 W, 1 L – Stainless Steel/Black

    Excellent – love the kettle and it saves water/electricity because i chose the small one.
  4. Bob Maloogaloogaloogaloogalooga says:

    This review is from : Dualit 72200 Jug Kettle, 2200 W, 1 L – Stainless Steel/Black

    Mine lasted for four and a half years. It still works fine but the auto switch-off doesn’t flick the switch anymore so i will have to replace it. I was happy with the kettle – i can’t get into the habit of filling a bigger kettle less, so this little fella did the trick nicely. I live in a very hard water area so it did need cleaning a lot and that was surprisingly tricky compared to brushed steel kettles.
    • titch says:
      Great little kettle but could be improved. Lovely kettle but lid is hard to open – bought for elderly mum so kettle wasnt too heavy but she cant use it because of the lid.
      • Dianne T. says:
        It is perfect for me, though may be a little small for family. Ideal can’t overfill and waste electricity.
  5. Karlos says:
    Hard water ruins this lovely looking jug. . Great looking jug, however if you are in a hard water area think twice about purchasing this. After the second day of use, lime scale was already visible on the outside of the jug, on the stainless steel where it meets the black plastic. Really noticeable on the shiny metal. I spoke to dualit customer service tio see if this was a common thing, they advised me to send it back to amazon if i was unhappy with the item. So it’s a great jug for a small kitchen, looks good with the matching toaster, but if you have a hard water issue be warned, unless your happy descaling it every day.
  6. Paul Lickman says:

    This review is from : Dualit 72200 Jug Kettle, 2200 W, 1 L – Stainless Steel/Black

    Great kettle but be careful – this is not full. Great kettle but be careful – this is not full size. So great for cups of tea and boiling water for pans but not suitable for a large family.

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