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Review and Buying Guide of Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

Of course a lovely kettle with great design and style. My only gripe is since we are living in a difficult water location the lime scale shows up on the finish – so constant cleaning. The kettle arrived properly packaged and in excellent time and functions particularly effectively.

Took a extensive time studying evaluations for kettles of this rotund condition, stearing away from a quantity that apparently deteriorate quite quickly. This was a lot more highly-priced than a lot of, but nicely reviewed as resilient, easy to pour and fill. I have also located it quick to cleanse and it is effectively produced and developed so need to maintain its excellent appears. Completely won more than by the viewing window i am confident this saves a significant amount of electrical energy as it confounded me at initially by just how very little you want for a compact coffe pot etcetera. As i have come to be heartsick at the reduced high quality of electrical goods, i would propose acquiring this higher high-quality kettle and establishing a longterm relationship.

Good excellent, great appears, straightforward to grip and protected to pour. Seems genuinely stable, very good excellent kettle. Four months in and i adore it. Quick to boil, grippy handle and pours effectively and safely and securely, tends to make you ponder why so several other kettles are so shockingly garbage for this kind of a simple undertaking.

Key specs for Cuisinart Traditional Kettle:

  • Easy clean removable filter, improves quality and taste of your drinks
  • 3kW concealed element for rapid boiling
  • Large window on both sides for easy viewing of fill level
  • Illuminated switch indicates when the kettle is on
  • 360°C cordless base for easy left and right hand use.

Comments from buyers

“Excellent kettle, comes with a 3-year warranty!, Excellent quality and feel., Shame the kettle is not as good as the customer service., Lovely, I did’nt realise a kettle could make my wife so happy!!, Best Buy / Still a Good Buy 20 Months Later”

Very simple silent traditional kettle. I like the seems to be and it is quieter than most mettle kettles. This replaces a magimix jug kettle (was a which best invest in) the place the lid jammed. That was replacemet for a magimix kettle where the lid broke. This time, we are going for a kettle with a lower tech lid i. There is just one nod to hello tech : the change glows blue when on. If the kettle is nevertheless functioning well in three years time, i will up the score to five stars. Jan 2015 update : modest cracks have appeared in the clear panels. And the cracks are gently increasing.

Ideal purchase / still a great acquire 20 months later. The electric powered kettle that i have been in search of. Well balanced, fantastic pourer, feels stable, water stage simply seen, basic lid – no hinge to are unsuccessful, switch feels optimistic and switches off with out hold off, and they have the self esteem to give a 3 year warranty. Also, in my eyes, it has a easy class. Immediately after about a 12 months, tiny horizontal cracks appeared in just one of the home windows ( pointed out in some other evaluations ). These gradually grew until finally twenty months just after order i considered them unsafe and rang customer company. They need the item to be returned for repair service or substitute but do offer a free returns label for their provider. twelve times soon after that telephone phone, we have a new kettle with a further 6 months assure ( verbal only ) extra on to the first three years.

Experienced heaps of different helps make of kettles above the years, and impressed by this one. Has a great high quality experience about it, boils immediately, viewing panel is distinct.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

  1. Susan Regan says:
    Its very good and she is pleased with it. Bought this at the request of my sister she had heard the reviews. Its very good and she is pleased with it.
  2. Andrew says:

    This review is from : Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

    Arrived in good time and very well packed. Arrived in good time and very well packed. Looks absolutely great in the kitchen. A little noisier than my old one, but not by much. The lower water level indicator is great for one cup. So far, after one month, would thoroughly recommend.
  3. Amazon Customer says:

    This review is from : Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

    Good stylish kettle with a few niggles. I purchased this item back in november 2013. Overall i have been very pleased with it. There hasn’t been any noticeable leaking and it is very quick to boil. Style wise, it is a nice looking kettle. It has also lasted a lot longer (2 years) than the other electric kettles i have bought in the past, that noticeably leaked and burned out within a year. As with other reviewers i noticed the plastic window cracked but did not leak and did not obstruct the view of the water level. The chrome affect also blistered and peeled at the base of the handle. Now, after two years of operation the heating element has appear to fail. Looking on the cuisinart website, the kettle has a 3 year guarantee, i therefore am looking to get the kettle replaced.
    • pestofan says:
      This definitely feels superior to cheaper kettles. Felt guilty for spending the money but it is so well balanced and pours beautifully. Would recommend as a step up from the generic traditional shape kettles sold everywhere.
  4. eira says:

    This review is from : Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

    Looks good on counter, heats up quickly with window to see level.
  5. Sweepy says:

    This review is from : Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

    Was delivered within 2 days of ordering. Was delivered within 2 days of ordering. It is very quiet compared to my last kettle. Easy to see water level and nice stainless steel finish.
  6. elizabeth harrison says:

    This review is from : Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

    Fantastic , at last a kettle i can clearly see how much water is in it. I also think it is very stylish, it holds more than most other kettles, its easy to fill and a good pourer – what more could you ask for. I would recommend it to anyone.
  7. Dave says:

    This review is from : Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

    First one arrived was faulty as it didn’t automatically turn. First one arrived was faulty as it didn’t automatically turn off after boiling and had to be returned back to amazon (free return) the replacement works perfectly and has done so for around 2 months now, not noticed any change in appearance of the metal despite not cleaning it. The button really lets it down as its just a cheap feeling plastic bit that flights up blue when the kettle is on, which is a shame as overall this is a really classy looking kettle. Would have given it 5 stars but i burn my self once when steam came up from the back to the handle whist pouring water into a cup. You must leave it 5-10 seconds after it turns off to avoid bring burnt which is frustrating.
  8. KAM Jobson says:

    This review is from : Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

    Beautiful, functional, rapid boil kettle. . This high speed kettle is the first one i’ve owned that can rapid boil without deafening you. It looks good, holds enough water for making pots and pots of tea and boils rapidly. All this in a kettle and it lights up with a blue light just to remind you when it’s on.
  9. lorraine3200 says:

    This review is from : Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

    Looks good, easy to use and absolutely no horrid taste to the water unlike the kettle it replaced.
    • Mrs. E. M. Wilson says:
      After getting a shock from how the water from my old kettle tasted of plastic invested in this one. So far so good and it looks great.
  10. B. Smith says:

    This review is from : Cuisinart Traditional Kettle

    Great quality, good looks, easy to grip and safe to pour. Seems really solid, good quality kettle. Four months in and i love it. Fast to boil, grippy handle and pours well and safely, makes you wonder why so many other kettles are so shockingly rubbish for such a basic task.

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