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Review and Buying Guide of Cordless Electric Mini Kettle

I bought this mini-kettle for my mother-in-law (81) who finds a normal size kettle to heavy to lift, especially with a couple of cups full of water in. This kettle is obviously very good quality (let’s hope it lasts) and easier to carry because of its size, but it is still a bit heavier than we expected. I guess this is because it is cordless.

This kettle is just right for two or three people is easy to fill it is so light it is lovely to use i would definately recommend it to anyone.

Bought for 90 year old mother, perfect for her.

Key specs for Cordless Electric Mini Kettle:

  • A miniature kettle, ideal for boiling small amounts of water.
  • It has an automatic cut out switch and the base can be fixed down, with provision for screws.
  • It is extremely light and easy to lift compared to standard kettles and is ideal when travelling.
  • The kettle can be easily lifted from the base providing maximum freedom of movement when filling or pouring.
  • Size 190mm x 125 x 205mm – Capacity 800ml. Weight 0.6kg.

Comments from buyers

“Cordless mini kettle, Excellent mini kettle, great little kettle, Useful for someone with difficulties, Sturdy & Safe – Another Good Product via Amazon, Robust little kettle”

A very good kettle, excellent for older people who have trouble lifting things, but £15 for postage is abit steep.

After seeing other reviews, i purchased this little kettle for my 90 year old mother-in-law because she wanted something light, small and something with a base and she didn’t have to unplug to fill it up as she had with the other one she had as the cables on small kettles are so short. I thought it was very expensive but on receiving this she is delighted and says it is worth every penny. Although it is light it is very robust looking and the base can even be screwed on to a work surface.

A while ago and because mum found it so easy to use i have purchased another one as back. Original kettle purchased a while ago and because mum found it so easy to use i have purchased another one as back up should the original develop a fault. Excellent product for the elderly to use.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Cordless Electric Mini Kettle

  1. John Foregate says:

    This review is from : Cordless Electric Mini Kettle

    Useful for someone with difficulties. This was bought for a relative who could not lift or fill a normal size kettle. Standard hotel kettles were unsuitable because you have to unplug them at the kettle end, or worse at the socket end. This leaves a potential for electricity and water to mix if you are finding things difficult. The lid was a little stiff to lift, but it can be filled through the spout without difficulty.
  2. Alan Nelson says:

    This review is from : Cordless Electric Mini Kettle

    Ideal for elderly or infirm. I purchased this for an aged aunt who had broken her wrist and could no longer lift her regular kettle. I looked at various options but this kettle, because it is cordless, was the best. Takes slightly longer to reach boiling point but that has not been an issue.
  3. Squirrel says:

    This review is from : Cordless Electric Mini Kettle

    It is easy to fill from the tap without problems, no opening of the lid water can be filled through the spout.
  4. Bill Russell says:

    This review is from : Cordless Electric Mini Kettle

    A must for all retired pensioners. First of all this order came five days early than the dates given. Easy to view water level while filling. Being cordless a great asset.
  5. AnnSalsbury says:

    This review is from : Cordless Electric Mini Kettle

    K but takes a long time to reach boiling point for such a small kettle. Apart from this i think it is well designed.
    • M. J. Richardson says:
      Coedless electic mini kettle. Would recommend this kettle although more expensive it has been prefect for my mother who is 90 and has difficulty with lifting objects.
      • she5 says:
        Ideal for people who have trouble lifting a heavy kettle. All so bought one for my sister.
  6. Christine says:

    This review is from : Cordless Electric Mini Kettle

    At 101,my mother had great difficulty handling a full – sized kettle. She can manage this much more easily.
    • zumba12 says:
      Sturdy & safe – another good product via amazon. I purchased this kettle for occasional use in the bedroom. I wanted a sturdy kettle, more so than the usual ‘small’ kettles. I am very impressed with this kettle – in terms of stability, shape, speed of boiling etc. It far exceeds any other small kettle that i have previously purchased or used in a hotel. It has a good strong handle and it’s squat shape means that it seems impossible to tip over. It is very sturdy too, not at all what you might expect in terms of design. Like others, the kettle i received doesn’t really look like the picture – but i love it’s round, small shape. It holds about four cups or about three mugs and i find that it is perfect for this purpose. I am now considering buying one for my elderly mother as it is so good.
      • AC Wheatley says:
        The kettle i received looks fine and appears to work pefectly well, but it is not the kettle in the picture. If i have to pay an extortionate price for a very small cordless kettle, i do – at least – expect to get what i ordered.
  7. Max305 says:
    Bought this for my frail, 88 year old mother. She had a small, light kettle. But it was corded, with a rather short cord at that. She had rigged up an extension in the kitchen() so she could reach the tap to fill. This mini cordless kettle ticks all the boxes – it is light, safe and simple. And due to size there is no danger she will do herself a mischief. The shape of the kettle was actually rounder than the straight one illustrated – no complaints, it’s actually a nicer looking kettle.It may seem expensive when you can buy a normal sized kettle for a little as a fiver, but they are of very cheap manufacture, and too heavy for the ‘olds’.

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