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Review and Buying Guide of Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup

Seriously wonderful but a few challenges you really should be aware of. . I have earlier owned both equally the tefal rapid cup (which is fast but the drinking water was not hot plenty of for my liking) and the to start with technology of the breville hot cup. The breville hot cup worked perfectly, but eighteen months of use in a really difficult water area implies it now dispenses large quantities of limescale together with the drinking water regardless of regular de-scaling. When i noticed this new product with variable dispense and an inbuilt filter, i resolved that it was time for the old hot cup to be honourably retired. The first factor to say about the new edition is that it looks wonderful. It really does look like an high priced and well produced product or service and its wise chrome design will grace any kitchen. From opening the box, set up takes a handful of minutes. There is no want to pre-soak the brita maxtra cartridge, but you do require to discard the very first few of tanks of water to ensure the inside of the kettle is perfectly clear prior to use. This leads me on to the to start with thing to bear in intellect if you make a decision to buy this merchandise. As the kettle has a filter, the h2o requires to operate from the top rated h2o container, through the filter, and into the lower reservoir.

Rapidly, efficient, classy, healthful, effortless, a 1 cup joy. Easy, rapid, efficient, and really trendy, bravo. I can not imagine it would be so straightforward to function. Push 1 button and it boils and dispences. The max fill line is very clear and no danger of overfilling. The blue light is also on when it boils, the equipment doesnt spurt out water and the stream is fast. . The lid button pops open up for uncomplicated refill. I use bottled drinking water even although it has a filter for the reason that bottled water even now left limescale in our ceramic kettle. So i am happy for the brita filter.

Old kettle remaining manufactured redundant this is wonderful. I have not earlier owned just about anything like this right before and cannot believe what i have been missing out on. The style and design is extremely high priced looking and when it boils, which can take practically 45 seconds, it lights up with a blue glow. The water is boiled precisely the identical as if making use of a ordinary house kettle, but greater, as you definitely have only boiled what you want for just one cup. The tea preferences smoother we could surely flavor the change. Takes pretty minimal time to fill it, i use a jug somewhat than filling direct from the faucet as believe this would establish a small awkward , also would visualize a little bit weighty to lifting it back. I however have my previous kettle as hubby takes a flask to work every single day and he states simpler just to boil the kettle and pour it in alternatively than press the button four situations which equals one hundred eighty seconds – three minutes. Kettle usually takes about five minutes, but then once again 5am i can see wherever he is coming from, but its early days. The breville hot cup is excellent and a need to for any kitchen area i would suggest this to everyone and would make a fantastic gifti give this item five stars.

Key specs for Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser:

  • Third generation of Breville hot water dispenser with Brita filter technology
  • Fast boil 3 kW concealed element for maximum efficiency and easy clean
  • Variable dispense–choose from nine different cup sizes and Manual stop allows you to control flow of water
  • Large 1.8 litre illuminating water tank with extra-large rear water window
  • Brita filter technology filters limescale and chlorine–works while boiling and includes Brita Maxtra cartridge

Comments from buyers

“Really great but a few issues you should be aware of., Best gadget ever!, Generally excellent, Instant Hot Drinks, fast, efficient, stylish, healthy, easy, a one cup joy!, A watched pot that boils”

That in essence sums up the breville vkj367 brita filter hot cup with variable dispense or kettle for brief. If you are the variety of person who simply cannot hold out two minutes for the kettle to boil and want a cuppa in just 30 seconds then this is clearly the piece of kit for you. The brita filter makes certain a sleek flavor and no scum in your tea. Whilst the filter is comparatively smaller and not huge sufficient to fill the kettle to the prime, plus it will take a moment or so to drip and dribble through so always make guaranteed the drinking water degree is topped up. A matter of magnificence it is not, but then magnificence is in the eye of the beholder. Potentially it would look superior in a bigger kitchen alternatively than my very small justification for a person.

Messier than i imagined it would be . I study all the critiques and thought tricky right before shelling out so a great deal dosh. The item is over-all excellent as formerly described. Just one is that the dispense amounts do vary, and breville say this is usual, but a single has to experiment with boiling h2o to uncover out what individuals quantities [about are. We think the minimum amount [150ml ish is too much]. Breville say when approached that they don’t publish the mils v the 9 dots on the dial, because they are variable. I didn’t think that was very scientific. Especially for such a well designed item. Two, is that no-one has so far mentioned the splosh factor .]

Terrific solution and effortless to use . This latest breville hot cup dispenser is not only fast but affordable to use as you can vary the cup measurement to go well with your thirst . Simple dial on top to change cup measurement and common dispense time for boiling hot drinking water is less than forty seconds. The inclusion of a filter cartridge obviates the will need for a different filter jug and the huge tank capability signifies less periods to re-fill. In general the finest item on the current market for financial hot h2o dispensing .

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup

  1. Chris says:
    Filters water reasonably quickly and boils the right amount of water subject to the setting of the capsize in 40 secs. Now just a matter of time to see how reliable it will be.
  2. Maureen M. says:

    This review is from : Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser

    I find it really useful for producing a single quick cuppa.
  3. Alan Hillier says:

    This review is from : Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser

    Not just another kitchen toy never to be used. . Our breville filter hot cup is just what we hoped it would be. It’s convenient, quick and power saving, heating only the amount of water that is needed. The water is dispensed at the correct temperature for a good hot cup of tea. It was easy to assemble from the box and as soon as the brita filter had been primed as per instructions we were away making the first cup. This is just a brilliant piece of equipment and is now constantly in use.
  4. Michelle says:

    This review is from : Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser

    We purchased this to replace our old. We purchased this to replace our old family kettle and what a difference. Instantly you can taste the difference with the added water filter. We suffer from lots of limescale in the kettle and it was clearly affecting the taste and water quality ven with using a a water filter from the fridge. I would agree with other comments about the filling up of the water tank. It does take slighlty longer to fully fill as the water from the smaller filling tnak does have to pass through the filter. All i do is turn the tap on very slow and let it fill and pass through at the same time and you can see it very slowly filling up. When the water in the main tank gets to the marker just under the top one turn the tap on full fill the little tank to the top and stop anf that should fill to the top full marker in the big tank and not over fill it.
    • PapaFoxtrot says:
      Our kettle was getting a bit tired so we thought we’d try one of these. As we live in a hard water area we opted for this filter version. We’d had a brita water filter jug before so knew how effective the filter was. It arrived in perfect condition a few days ago and we’ve had time to try it out. It’s very effective and the amount of water it dispenses is very hot. I take milk in my drinks but my wife doesn’t so being able to alter the amount dispensed is very handy. This is very easy to adjust by turning the dial accordingly. A bit of experimenting is required though. The difference in taste was very noticeable from our old kettle.
  5. Sue H. says:

    This review is from : Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser

    Extremely easy to use, has lived up to all my expectations as i cannot safely use an ordinary kettle.
    • Trouble says:
      It looks good, it appears well made and is very quiet. It looks good, it appears well made and is very quiet too which is a major plus. I can’t imagine anyone using it on anything other than the maximum cup size setting tbh. It just gave enough for my cup of mocha but i add milk which it doesn’t need and it then fills the cup. It definitely tastes nicer too but i live in a very hard water area. It’s easy to use and as long as you top up after use each time you can have your cuppa in an instant. I’m so far very pleased with it.

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