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Review and Buying Guide of Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup

Has attained a location on our (presently crowded) worktop. We are much a lot more impressed with the hotcup than we envisioned to be. I could not genuinely see a require for it just before it arrived but now i barely use my kettle at all as it really is so substantially more rapidly and less complicated to use the hotcup. It is really extremely great to look at and smaller sized than the average kettle. You fill it just like a kettle by lifting it off the foundation and popping up the lid. It hold 5 x 250ml ‘shots’ of water. It stays turned off until you require it, then you set a cup underneath the spout and press the button on leading and it starts off to boil a shot of drinking water. It really is rather loud appropriate at the stop when it really is dispensing the water and a little bit sputtering but you have a cupful of boiling h2o in 50 seconds. I use the time that it is really boiling to be prepared and ready with my milk and spoon and it really is a swift cup of tea. When reading through other opinions i noticed mention of a plasticky style but i have not recognized any big difference in taste to tea created in my kettle.

You should not know how i managed without having it. I purchased the breville hot cup for the reason that the only other merchandise by tefal had this kind of dreadful assessments. I am delighted to say that it will work like a desire. I honestly do not know how i managed devoid of it. The only drawback is well documented, it only dispenses a person total that fills a large mug. I acquired round this so very easily by putting a heatproof plastic jug less than the faucet. This properly fills two teacups, or smaller mugs. I use it for so much far more that coffee and tea, it is suitable for sauces, gravy, topping up a boiling pan and so forth. I am so delighted with this merchandise specifically as ended up an elderly couple.

Most effective gadget i’ve at any time bought. This kettle is so excellent i bought an additional, one particular for upstairs and a person for the kitchen. It seriously is easy to just make a rapid consume and must be charge productive on electricity, my significant kettle often boiled a minimal which would make two beverages and would not swap off quickly except if it’s been loaded to the highest. For anyone who has difficulties lifting a heavy kettle a person of these would be great. We preserve a jug of h2o useful upstairs to fill it with and anyone with arthritis i am confident could just fill it this way. I also use a funnel when upstairs so that i can fill it fast and without the need of the funnel i would have to be thorough as the fill gap is not that large. It is fantastic if you can get to the faucet while. It fills an normal mug properly, and you can quickly get to obtain out which of your cups is right for it. I have accidentally switched it on without the need of putting a cup in place and the drip tray is sufficient to maintain the dispensed volume – you just have to wait for it to awesome down right before you can vacant it.

Key specs for Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup:

  • Breville’s first generation hot water dispenser
  • Fast boil 3 kW concealed element for maximum efficiency and easy clean
  • Dispenses five cups without refilling so you only boil the amount of water you need
  • No mess drip tray and easy to fill
  • 1.5 litre illuminating water tank with extra-large rear water window

Comments from buyers

“Has earned a place on our (already crowded) worktop, Best Buy for old people, It’s not a Hot Cup it’s a Hot Mug!, the breville hot cup, breville hot cup allows you to be independent, Four and a half stars”

I purchased this hoping it would be a assistance to my mom who has not long ago been in hospital and now has mobility troubles and has to use a zimmer frame as a result carrying a hot cuppa is unsafe and large risk for herthe breville has enabled her to have a cuppa beside her and not fear about carrying similar ,it also offers convenience knowing she can have a hot drink independantly in the course of the working day. It does supply at the very least 5 mugs of drinking water just about every fill. I would endorse this to anybody and good friends have already commented on the benefit,design and compact size of the machine.

Be confident that it”ll be correct for you. We purchased this appliance for my wife’s aged mom, pondering that her outdated kettle was pretty sluggish, and that a gadget that dispensed hot h2o with no the prospect of scalding would be a excellent plan – so considerably so superior. Water and energy saving was one more thing to consider. The issue is, i might assumed that it would be achievable to either interrupt the move for a compact cup, or to incorporate a modest amount to top rated up a large mug, but this is not probable. The much less expensive model that aldi promote from time to time can do people issues, but the breville is a 1 trick pony, it dispenses a set evaluate and the moment the stream has started off, it keeps heading, even if you swap off at the mains. On prime of this shortcoming is the fact that it overfills something limited of a excellent sized mug, and so my mom-in-law’s dainty teacups can not be used and even the compact mugs that she has quite a few of, are filled to the really brim. Fairly than return it, we’ve taken ownership and uncover it performs well for us and the rating we’ve specified is an typical of mavis’ two star and our 5 star. So extended as your mugs are a very good size you will be okay, latte glasses are out while, simply because, unless they’re monsters there is not going to be home for the milk. We like the ease of bunging a teabag in a mug, pressing a button and the having on with something else even though this gizmo does its business enterprise. So extensive as you use a massive mug, lattes are achievable, so will not despair, lol.

We bought one of these for my mom who is seventy seven yrs old, who often suffers from the shakes thanks to her age. I believed it would end the will need of her acquiring to lift a significant kettle whole of boiling drinking water. It is really layout in compact, clear hunting and simple to use. You can make a few cups of tea in the time it normally takes a standard kettle to boil, the water is hot ample to create a respectable cup of tea. It is loud but no louder than a very good espresso equipment when it steams the milk. I would definitely advise this item for modest homes or small offices. My mum can fill it with a jug so she does not have to carry it to the tap, the drinking water comes straight out into the cup so no lifting hazardous hot kettles any a lot more. This item has definitely place our minds at rest. Best for equipped bodied, elderly and disabled individuals.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    This review is from : Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup

    Should have bought one years ago, 45 seconds for one cup. Only thing is i am drinking more tea than ever.
    • Amazon Customer says:
      I absolutely love this product. I absolutely love this product, i have had it for a while and threw out my kettle straight away, it’s so much quicker and energy efficient as you don’t have to boil too much water and it’s virtually instant, love it.
      • STEVIEB says:
        This is the most amazing kettle ever. I bought this after our kettle broke and my husband went and bought a whistle kettle for the gas stove ( it took 15 mins to boil) as a busy mum i don’t have time to wait around for my first cup of tea in the morning as i struggle to function without it. You can get about 5 cups of tea out of one full kettle so perfect when you have friend round and lots of tea/coffee to make and best of all it only takes 40 seconds to boil and pour. My in laws loved it too so i have bought them one for christmas. My husband likes it too as he always whinges that i used to boil a whole kettle for one cup of tea and a kettle uses the most electricity out of all electrical things. Go get one now you will not be disappointed. Best price u could find too and if you have prime even better as it arrives next day.
  2. Psychonaut says:
    I’ve been using this for a weeks now. It takes 45 seconds to boil a mug full of water (i timed it). A concern i had was about making drinks for more than one person, but really it’s no fuss to swap over a mug and click for another mug. It’s also nice to know that it’s poured and mashing when you hear it do it’s thing from another room. The only feature it’s missing is adjustable quantities – it only delivers a good mug quantity (which suits me). However, once you know which of your cups and mugs are suitable, it’s a far more convenient way of making tea or coffee.
  3. cathy green says:

    This review is from : Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup

    It is easy to use and very economical. Bought it for my elderly mother, who just loves it, as her hands are arthritic. It is easy to use and very economical. Can hardly wait for my kettle to break down so that i can justify buying one for myself.
  4. jean moles says:

    This review is from : Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup

    I have got rid of my kettle when i got. I have got rid of my kettle when i got this.
    • john fruen says:
      I recieved this breville vkj142 hot cup water heater in. I recieved this breville vkj142 hot cup water heater in august 2015 it now does not work properly it gives you 1 cup of hot water and then have to wait a few minuites before you can get a seconnd cup sometimes you have to move the heater on the base and this dose not always work is it posible to have it repaired or replaced. Look falwoud to hearing from you.
  5. Miss Carly S Hammond says:

    This review is from : Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup

    No adjustment for cup size,but has saved loads in electricity over the years.
    • Amazon Customer says:
      Does exactly what it should just sometimes want more than 1 cup of water at once.
      • JWalker says:
        I’m disabled so can’t lift a kettle. My husband fills this at the beginning of the day and it lasts me til he comes home. A good sized mug is needed as it dispenses a lot of water at once. If a smaller mug is used its ok as the excess water goes into the overflow ‘tank’ underneath and can be emptied easily.
  6. hobbes says:
    This item is amazing, absolutely love it. It’s perfect for me as i’m disabled.

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