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Review and Buying Guide of Breville Strata Kettle

This kettle delivers everything you want and expect, and looks stylish with it, though personally i think the plastic crystal set into the lid a bit naff. It operates from a power base, so there isn’t any fiddling with leads, and it gently illuminates the display while it’s heating the water. A measure gauge on the outside lets you see exactly how much water you need to save you overfilling it, thus helping to be energy efficient. If the kettle is filled with an insufficient quantity of water, a built-in fail-safe device will automatically switch it off. Comes with basic care and safety instructions. I wouldn’t buy it for that price, though.

This is a very nice matt white kettle in a lovely timeless design -. This is a very nice matt white kettle in a lovely timeless design – there are two wee crystal embellishments on the lid and on the kettle switch, which make it look even fancier. The lid comes off completely for filling, which is much better than my previous kettle which had a flip up lid which always seemed to get in the way of the tap. 7 litres of water, and features a transparent filling guide which tells you how many cups worth of water you’re filling it to, with the maximum being 8 cups. The water boils fairly quietly, and as sad as it might seem, it was actually quite nice to watch it gently bubbling away through the filling guide window. It doesn’t take too long to boil, and the wide handle and spout make it easy to use when pouring. I did find it to be heavier than my previous kettle when it was full of water, so i’m not sure it would be suitable for someone elderly or with a poor grip. Other than that, it’s a lovely kettle which does its job well.

This is a very stylish kettle. I love that it is has a white light when it is on. It feels sturdy and well made. It boils reasonably quickly and has a good pour. It is possible to buy a kettle for a lot less so ultimately you are paying for the look of the kettle.

Key specs for Breville Strata Kettle, 1.7 L – Grey:

  • A stunning 1.7l kettle with Matt Grey finish and unique crystal design on lid and levers
  • Pull off lid and side water windows makes accurate filling easy
  • Elegant white illumination on boil
  • 360 degree base for left and right hand use
  • Removable and washable limescale filter, cord storage and non slip feet

Comments from buyers

“Excellent kettle – fast quiet boil – holds almost 3 pints and looks great, STYLISH WORKS WELL AND LOOKS EXPENSIVE BUT TAKE CARE WITH THE MATT WHITE COATING, Lovely jug kettle, performs brilliantly but it’s the crystal embellishments that have truly won my heart!, all round good design with a full metal body ,love this one, Quality kettle with style, Matt finish, no fingerprints”

Lovely jug kettle, performs brilliantly but it’s the crystal embellishments that have truly won my heart. This is a jug kettle with great capacity – 1. 7l (about 8 cups) – a fast boil time and a beautiful, modern design. It’s a lovely dark grey colour, matt finish with chrome surround. The lid is topped with a gorgeous ‘diamond’ type crystal – and the on/off button has a similar crystal inset. The kettle can rotate 360 degrees on the base which makes this easy to use left or right handed and also means it can fit in nicely to any part of your kitchen without you having to make special accommodations for it. The water indicator illuminates when boiilng – looks nice at nightthis is really a 4. 5 star kettle and i’m taking half a mark off for the chrome finish which, to me, is a little too easy to mark with finger prints. It’s very easy to wipe clean again, but i have items with chrome finishes that aren’t quite so quick to mark. It’s very minor point as overall, i love this appliance and will be getting the matching toaster.

A very attractive and well-made kettle. . We been using this for a few days now and in our new-ish kitchen with grey surfaces, it looks a real treat. It’s a very classy design, beautifully manufactured in stainless steel. First class – fast boil, easy to hold and pour from, easy to switch on and off. Usefully, too, the on switch will work even when the kettle has only just boiled to make sure you have truly boiling water for when making tea, for example. This is a beautiful addition to our kitchen.

This is a sleek good looking ice white kettle, with an impressive chrome finish. I particularly like the switch which lights up when activated. It would have been a nice touch if the jewel on the lid would have lit up to match. Can’t think why a there are jewels on a kettle, but it’s an original idea. Being left handed i found this kettle easy to pour, lift and replace. There was no dripping due to the cleverly designed spout. The circular base also meant that the kettle can be easily turned around for left or right handed people, which was very helpful. Filling the kettle takes a little longer and you have to physically take the lid off and replace it. 7 litres is a more than adequate amount of water to heat. Also it does boil fast, this is a key benefit. It is a bit on the noisy side, and it is expensive for its basic functions ,however it looks great and performs overall very well.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Breville Strata Kettle

  1. Sir Barnabas VINE VOICE says:
    7 litre kettle that takes around 4 minutes to boil when full and it does so very quietly as well. The stylish good looks are marginally dampened by the baffling addition of a chintzy faux crystal in the lid handle. The other niggle is that, due to the angle of the spout, it is necessary to tilt the appliance when filling to avoid spraying water all over the kitchen and yourself.
    • A. J. Russell-pattison VINE VOICE says:
      So, the breville strata jug kettle. I like itup until the arrival of this chunky beauty our vicarage kitchen was adorned with some light weight silvered jobby of a kettle, which while perfectly ok for making the copious amounts of tea needed here, was nothing to write home about. This kettle is , however , a joy. It’s chunky and solid with clean mat finish to the jug and silvered base and handle ( it comes on one of those swivel bases that allows you to use it with the handle in either direction, a boon for the left handed clergy here). The handle is substantial and feels sturdy and reassuring, the lid (complete with jewel effect) satisfyingly comes right off ( no more limp press lever lids) and clunks back into place beautifully. It has a gentle white light that illuminates the on switch and capacity window and it boils vigorously. Sometimes the boil seems to go on a little longer than seems necessary before it cuts out, but this is no real problem. I hate to sound so shallow as to gush over a kitchen appliance but i really do like this fab kettle.
  2. Marion says:

    This review is from : Breville Strata Kettle, 1.7 L – Grey

    Very pleased with the kettle should have bought one earlier instead of wasting money on cheaper kettles.
    • David VINE VOICE says:
      Great looking kettle that does the job it should very well. This breville strata kettle is an excellent kettle. It looks very stylish and the white colour fits nicely in my kitchen without clashing with the colour scheme. Well enough about colour clashes before you think this review is more suited to a fashion magazine i’l get on with the product itself. The kettle holds about 3 litres of water. The top comes fully off which makes it much easier to fill up and has a water gage so you can see if it needs a top up. There is a removable limescale filter, cord storage and non slip feet. So all in all a great looking kettle which does the job it should very well.
      • Lizzie VINE VOICE says:
        This is a super, compact kettle. It is smart and stylish, finished in matte grey with chrome trims. The crystal-style finishes to the lid and switch are a nice touch too. As for what it is designed to do, it performs well, bringing the water to the boil quickly. 7litre capacity with a large illuminated display, and there are no drips or spillages while pouring. Quite a major point is that i feel this kettle would be good for someone with manual dexterity problems as the lid lifts on and off easily, yet it fixes securely when in place. My mother can open and close it with ease as she had difficulty with my kettle before this one, having smashed her elbow 5 years ago.
  3. B. Bello VINE VOICE says:

    This review is from : Breville Strata Kettle, 1.7 L – Grey

    Love this kettle, it reminds me of the coffee percolator my parents come in the sixties, the unit is very stylish and well built, feels high quality. I have the matt grey unit which is not showing any marks from handling after two weeks constant use. I was particularly impressed with its electricity use, according to my smart meter it is using 1/3 less power than our old kettle, well not really old, we got it just over a year ago so that is a real improvement in power use. The kettle gets to the boil fast too and is not as noisy as our old dualit, a marked improvement all round. I recommend this kettle wholeheartedly.
  4. Tin Tactoo VINE VOICE says:

    This review is from : Breville Strata Kettle, 1.7 L – Grey

    It’s a job to get worked up over a mere cordless electric kettle but this model i have to relate just grows on us. First off it’s got a good makers name stamped on its base and bearing in mind the number of their products we have had over the years, have a good pedigree. The design reminds me of the old fashioned coffee percolators of years gone by and none the worse for that. Unlike a lot of kettles in this day and age and its seems to be a trend these days that manufacturers seem to have these ‘built-in lids’ that you press to ope to put the water in and over time get clogged up with grey water residue or lime-scale – we live in an ‘hard water’ area regardless of what the water company says or tries to promote – and on our last kettle with said built-in lid/flap, we had to clean it every so often as in the build-up made trying to open it to get water in was a pain. Now that fills you in with the negative stuff of the last aforementioned model we owned i am pleased, nay overwhelmed, to see this model has a pull out lid with a nice grip-able knob on top, no hinges, no weird fixings but a good old simple plug type entry for the water to be poured in – simple but effective and only time and our lousy water supply will tell if the lime scale builds up on it. Its always a bit silly to say how quick a kettle boils water as unless you measure your water out before putting it in, otherwise no two loads of water would be the same in theory so all i will say is that it does not break any speed records or we don’t have any wish to enter into such frivolities as we just like to know it boils its water and that’s good enough for us. A friend visiting one evening was quite taken by the fact that there is – i assume – a white led in the tip of the ‘on/off’ switch so that when you press it in the ‘on’ position it lights up and they commented “it’s got a ’mini torch then?” and yes indeed, if you turn the light off in the kitchen it does actually illuminate the work top that its standing on. The shape and colour is or has grown on us which i find kind of silly but there you go and the lovely big spout is brilliant in use as no ‘dibbles’ down the side when pouring – full marks there. The only slightly negative side, if there is one, but this is perhaps only a personal thing but the we find that when you hold it by its handle – obviously – to fill it under the water tap, the actual clear see-through section or sight gauge that informs you of how much is going in is obscured by your own hand as its behind the handle as opposed to on the side as our last kettle but being in the place it is perhaps is an aid to manufacturing it but then again in a perfect world a sight gauge would be ideal on both sides so as to please both right and left handed folk.
    • Michael Jenkins VINE VOICE says:
      Very good product from breville. . I am very pleased with this kettle, normally i wouldn’t pay any more than £20 for a kettle, but you can tell from first glance that this kettle is a quality product. It has a short stainless steel spout, handle and base, and the main colour is white. Not as light a build as other kettles, but infinitely more robust than most. 7 litre capacity and has a 3kw fast boil element, which will boil up to 8 cups. A really nice addition to your kitchen.
  5. Lilly Penhaligon TOP 1000 REVIEWER VINE VOICE says:

    This review is from : Breville Strata Kettle, 1.7 L – Grey

    Totally worth it; beauty and function in 1. I already had a breville kettle which i have had for many years and which is still going strong even today. However, when i saw this kettle i just knew it was time to upgrade. The breville strata has exceeded my expectations in every way, solid stainless steel body, lovely wide handle, completely removable top lid (with a fun crystal embedded in it) and that honking 1. This kettle combines pleasing aesthetics with functionality and hard wearing materials. Solidly built yet remarkably comfortable to use, thanks to the wide handle which allows even the thickest of hands a comfortable grip, this kettle easily copes with tea and coffee making rounds for immediate and extended family courtesy of it’s 1. Although this kettle is significantly bigger than my previous breville, it doesn’t appear clunky or bulky as the kettle is quite tall and slim.
    • Alison TOP 500 REVIEWER says:
      Matt finish, no fingerprints. The breville strata kettle is a nice looking kettle with a matt white exterior. The matt finish is a particularly good feature because it doesn’t attract or show fingerprints or water marks like my previous chrome finished kettle. The lid is chrome, but the knob handle means that you don’t need to touch the metallic surface. The whole thing just stays looking cleaner for longerit’s a relatively rapid boil and the lit window means that it’s obvious when the kettle is active and in a boil cycle. It’s also compact and doesn’t take up unnecessary space. It feels robust and can easily be seated on the base. A very nice item and the colours on offer are a bit different, especially the matt finish.
  6. Martyn Davies says:

    This review is from : Breville Strata Kettle, 1.7 L – Grey

    The breville strata is quite a stylish kettle, with an inner white light that illuminates the on-switch and the water gauge. The ‘gem’ detailing on the lid handle and the switch is nice. Like many kettles now, it sits on a circular base that provides power, so that when you lift it, there’s no trailing mains cable to limit where you can go. It’s a bit noisier than our earlier kettle, no not excessively so.
  7. Kevin O'Keefe TOP 1000 REVIEWER says:

    This review is from : Breville Strata Kettle, 1.7 L – Grey

    Lacks features for the money. This is a nice kettle let down by what i think is (currently) unreasonable pricing. True, it’s a nice-looking kettle (although my wife thought the ‘jeweled’ lid was a bit tacky: personally i barely notice it). It is nice and light, has great capacity (1. 7 litres) and boils quickly and quietly. It fully revolves on its heater element base, pleasingly lights up (so you can see the water level easily through the window down the side, and has a sensible cable length (about 18 inches i estimate). There are a few issues however. To begin with you have to remove the lid completely to fill it (which i suppose some may actually prefer) and the ‘pour’ is quite slow. Sure, these are minor quibbles; what i found more disappointing is that – for the asking price – i would have expected more features (for example a selection of heat/boil settings and a ‘stay warm’ feature – and you can find these on similarly priced models). In conclusion: this is an attractively-designed kettle with basic features – but i would have expected more for the current rrp.
    • Helpless TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE says:
      Stylish works well and looks expensive but take care with the matt white coating. This is a stylish icy matt white kettle with chrome trim. Switch it on and instead of the more common blue lights found on a number of kettles, this one lights up in clear led white. The base plate is trimmed in chrome and appears to be made of metal rather than chromed plastic. In fact most of the chrome trim, except for the on/off switch, is chromed metal. This should keep those parts looking good for a long time, especially as everyone knows chromed plastic gets tatty after a short time. Unfortunately care should be taken with the matt white outer coating as it appears to be susceptible to scuffs and chips, a slight accident with the lid apparently, and quite visible in white. I’m not entirely convinced the coating will stand up to the harsh realities of use.

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