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Review and Buying Guide of Bosch TWK86104GB Styline Kettle

I acquired this kettle since it was rated hugely on which?. For some rationale the red/cranberry version is much less expensive (£50 from john lewis), but in the conclusion the selling price i identified for this black product was not substantially much more (£55 by means of amazon) and it suits our kitchen better. The kettle is significantly greater than any we have experienced before. It boils truly speedily and comparatively quietly. With the preceding kettle i used to have to transform the radio up to carry on listening. It is a massive kettle which is excellent for boiling h2o for a substantial tea pot or cooking pot, but it can effortlessly be employed to boil a single cup. The size probably helps make it not the lightest product but the grip is comfortable and non-slip. Despite the fact that the drinking water level window is beside the cope with it is not significantly of a challenge to see.

Like this kettle, even so i have not had a calendar year however and the lid does not open up when button is pressed. The only time it opens is when it has boiled due to the fact it can be nonetheless very hot so if i need to refil it will open up. I envisioned greater from this sort of a fantastic brand and it is really not inexpensive.

Is effective effectively with beneficial options. . This kettle is a respectable measurement and heats and boils drinking water swiftly. The water level indicator ‘window’ would have been additional simple if it was on both side of the kettle somewhat than were being the deal with is. The distinct warmth amount feature (70c – 100c) is extremely valuable for the reason that most of the time you don’t want boiling water just sizzling adequate to pour on your tea bag (for instance) which suggests h2o is heated faster at 80c than boiling at 100c. We have experienced the kettle for about five weeks now. Every thing still functions as nicely. The various beeps are not obtrusive and the amount of noise it would make when heating the h2o is about the similar as our earlier kettle. The feature for retaining the h2o heated to a specific temperature is seriously beneficial so you will not have to re-boil the h2o from chilly just about every time you have to have quick scorching drinking water , when your cooking for example. It truly is effortless to fill and pour from and the design and color plan goes with our kitchen decor.

Key specs for Bosch TWK86104GB Styline Kettle, 1.5 L – Red:

  • TemperatureControl’ allowing temperature to be set at 70°C, 80°C, 90°C and 100°C
  • 1.5 l capacity with water level indicator
  • Stainless steel and cranberry red finish with closed handle making for a stylish modern design
  • Keep-Warm’ function which once pressed can keep water at constant temperature for 30 mins with minimal energy
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Boil-dry and overheat protection ensuring safety whilst using

Comments from buyers

“Early days, but fantastic so far., Works well with useful features., Sturdy and good-looking, Great Kettle and looks good too, Excellent overall let down by spout, Be Aware – the Inside is made of Plastic”

I acquired this kettle some while back – i have been fairly pleased with it – pretty tranquil and a reasonably speedy boil. However, the spout design and style is incredibly weak. It really is also rounded, with not a sharp more than enough angle at the lip. As a result, it continuously splays h2o outside the house the mug when pouring, even if you depart it for 10 seconds just after boiling – pretty disheartening and you may possibly have thought it was quite elementary layout place to examination and get correct. The lid also does not have a restricted ample in shape, so the drinking water leaks at the sides of the spout as you pour as effectively, raising the splaying of drinking water.

Be knowledgeable – the inside is created of plastic. For any person involved about this, i wished to point out that the inside of of this kettle is built of plastic. It’s really hard to explain to because of to the stainless metal result top rated. Experienced to return our just one when we found out this – it’s not what we ended up looking for. Failed to use the kettle so are unable to remark on any other element. If the plastic within will not bother you then wonderful – but if you do not want to boil your water in plastic then i hope this facts will be practical to you and i suggest you appear for a distinctive kettle.

Appears highly-priced and stylish in my kitchen area. Bought this on below for £44 so not a undesirable selling price considering the cost rises to £65. Certainly worth spending added for a superior looking kettle while and it gets used usually so its revenue perfectly used. The matching toaster appears to be awesome much too. Also this kettle is quite silent and u can even contact it after it has boiled which can make it safer when kids are equipped to arrive at.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Bosch TWK86104GB Styline Kettle

  1. Maffs says:
    Settings ensure that you get your drink the way that you want it every time. The kettle looks good, works well and if you get it via a warehouse deal you get it at discount too. I have only had it in operation for the last couple of days but so far so good. I suppose the only negative of a sort is that the handle feels a bit cheap but that is only because it is the soft grip type. Buy, you wont be disappointed.
    • Mr. D. Redfern says:
      This is an expensive kettle but unlike many other expensive kettles, its function over form rather than an exercise in pleasing deign. The kettle has a genuinely cool exterior, at least over the black area which wraps the stainless steel internals. It has four temperature buttons, 70 degrees centigrade, 80, 90 and 100. Press the start button, which emits a beep (yep, another beeping thing in the kitchen) and if you don’t want it to boil, press one of the lower temperature buttons, excellent for things like green tea. If, for example, you know you’re going to have another cup within the next 30 minutes, you simply press the ‘pause’ button and the kettle will maintain the selected temperature for half an hour. When the kettle has boiled (or reached its selected temperature) it emits another beep just to remind you its ready. Internally it’s uncluttered with no element and few other bits for limescale to adhere to, and the instructions recommend using a spoonful ov vinegar left for several hours (overnight?) to remove limescale rather than flogging you another ‘special’ miracle​ solution, although it says commercial alternatives are also acceptable.
  2. c.a.powell says:

    This review is from : Bosch TWK86104GB Styline Kettle, 1.5 L – Red

    It is vety quite compared to my last kettle and the variable temperature control.
    • Nigel M says:
      Very good, but why the beep?. Looks good, well built, quick and quiet. Not stainless steel on the inside, which was a bit disappointing. What new plastic smell there was disappeared very quickly. Not bothered about the 70/80/90/100 degree settings, though 95 would have been useful for fresh coffee. The water level window is behind the handle, so not the easiest to read. It’s perfectly easy to tell when a kettle turns on or off. Oh, and the temperature light flashes constantly whilst heating. I realise those things could be useful for people with sensory impairment, but i’d appreciate being able to turn them off.
      • R. A. Doherty says:
        Slightly expensive kettle, but worth it. We’ve had this kettle a while now and it has worked very well. After years of cheaper kettles that would tend to break within days of the warranty expiring we decided to pay a little more and see whether the quality was any better. Well, so far, i’d have to say this is really a much better kettle than we’re used to. It boils very quickly, not too loudly and makes a nice beep when the water is ready,.
  3. Amazon Customer says:
    Looks modern and very nice in my kitchen. Lovely kettle, looks modern and very nice in my kitchen.
  4. Anthony says:

    This review is from : Bosch TWK86104GB Styline Kettle, 1.5 L – Red

    Great replacement for 18 year old kettle. Our old kettle finally died, having put in 18 years of service. This is a fantastic replacement. I considered this kettle and the similar twk8633 model (which my sister has) – at the time both were £40. Pros:+ boils incredibly quickly. Hopefully will encourage people to not stick in more water than they need “just in case”+ the temperature selection leds light up as the water approaches your target temperature. I have a progress bar on a kettle – what a time to be alive+ can choose lower temperatures depending on your needs (tea tends to need freshly boiled water, but coffee can probably be done at 90 degrees and i suspect energy usage will be much lower if you aren’t getting to boiling point). + i prefer having the controls on the kettle (as this model has) rather than having a large separate base (which twk8633 has). Functionally the two are identicalcons:- lid doesn’t open that far, less far than twk8633 certainly. Not been a problem yet, but could be a cleaning issue one day.
    • Amazon Customer says:
      Love the choice of different temperature. Very efficient and quite silent compared to other kettles i’ve used. Love the choice of different temperature settings.
      • MR T B DALES says:
        A good looking kettle, nice quality, very pleased with purchase.
  5. the dentist says:
    Boils to 70 degrees – brilliant for sensitive herbal teas. We got just what we needed – water boiled to 70, 80 or 90 or 100 degrees.
    • Sam says:
      This does what is says on the packet. Made from good quality materials and arrived promptly. I received this product discounted. This does what is says on the packet. Made from good quality materials and arrived promptly. I received this product discounted for a product review.

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