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Review and Buying Guide of Bosch TWK6831GB Jug Kettle Stainless Steel

Good kettle, i like the type and perform, but it formulated the usual leak. . I acquired this kettle 3½ years back and have been quite amazed with it. I appreciate the design and style, it is really stable, performs effectively and pours properly but in widespread with just about just about every other overview i’ve seen, it started to leak and obtained worse right until if left with more than about an inch of h2o in it there would be a substantial puddle under it in no time at all. Due to the fact it was very well out of guarantee i made the decision to strip it down and observed that one particular of the two spigots on the bottom of the h2o amount indicator was broken at the issue that handed as a result of the wall of the kettle. Because the only spares that are obtainable for it appear to be the lid (i still fail to see how that could are unsuccessful and am also at a decline as to how to take away or refit it safely without the need of breaking it), the pouring filter and the foundation, i contacted bosch to see if i could purchase the degree indicator and a established of gaskets. The respond to was no regardless of hoping to apply some rationale to the ask for so it seems to be like i am going to have to use my engineering techniques to try a repair service. Consequently i am pretty disappointed that these an pricey kettle would, if it weren’t for my qualities to bodge factors up, be confined to the scrap heap. An high-priced blunder, and i’m coming to the conclusion that the subsequent kettle i’ll get will be a person of the cheap £5 plastic ones which have lasted equally as lengthy if not extended. I could have 10 of these for the rrp of this kettle. By the way, i stay in a position the place the h2o couldn’t be any softer so scaling is not a challenge.

Seems exceptional, functions wonderful one calendar year, then leaks when additional than one cup comprehensive. The kettle appears to be fantastic and labored great for about one calendar year, then started leaking as explained by other critiques. The leak is so intense that it will soak the total foundation and counter leading if still left for a couple of hours with extra than a cup of water. Our drinking water is particularly soft so there is only a minor bit of scale building up all over the leak. Would buy the identical kettle for the style, but have had to wipe water up from the leak so numerous periods that i reckon kenwood is our upcoming acquire.

Kettle’s fine but did not live up to my anticipations. Was seeking for a peaceful kettle that switched off as soon as it boiled – according to which assessments this was the one particular to get. Originally it was quieter than my earlier kettle but that failed to previous extensive. Switches off pretty quickly but not a great deal more rapidly than past kettle, so truly feel nothing at all gained above my tesco kettle which was 50 % the price. Fairly significant, require two palms to fill it up. Update – following 2 several years it started out leaking from the drinking water level screen, obtaining progressively worse, to the level that it is no extended simple/practical to use.

Key specs for Bosch TWK6831GB Jug Kettle Stainless Steel:

  • Quality brushed Stainless Steel finish
  • 3100 watt rapid boil
  • 1.7 litre water capacity
  • Cordless with concealed element
  • Bosch 2 year parts and labour guarantee

Comments from buyers

“Great looks, good service – but then it fails, Looks good, boils great, a few quibbles – now looks awful!, Stainless Steel Jug Kettle, Not quite as good as expected., Looks excellent, works fine 1 year, then leaks when more than 1 cup full, An excellent kettle with no problems”

Not very as excellent as predicted. . I have had this kettle for about a thirty day period now and have knowledgeable the ‘strange-tasting water’ trouble. Nonetheless this disappeared just after 2 or 3 times (probably about 20 boils and it really is now possibly gone or i’ve grow to be utilised to it) it is quite noisey but my principal gripe with this kettle is that everytime it’s utilized, the lid condensates very poorly on the outside and water then operates off the lid, down earlier the swap (the final i read 240v ac and water are not an suitable combination) and lid release and onto the stainless human body. This outcomes in h2o stains getting left on the kettle which requires frequent wiping. Do not know if i can return it on these grounds and i no for a longer time have the packaging. Quite disappointed as i expected bosch to be of greater design and style/excellent. Disgrace cos it seems superior in the kitchen area.

Hello i have been using the bosch kettle now for more than three months+i love it,the kettle appears good,boils swiftly+is really. Some assessments claimed the kettle leaks alot,what i have located in use is,when the kettle has boiled,condensation builds uparound the lid. If you absolutely open up the lid to re-boil incredibly before long immediately after currently executing so,h2o can trickle down the kettle,to the foundation,this is what has other reviewers wondering the kettle is leaking. The lid does not require to be opened totally to refill it with h2o. This attractive kettle is perfectly built+now arrives with a 2yr assure,i total heartily suggest this merchandise.

We experienced a magimix kettle in advance of this, which we genuinely, definitely liked, but were not geared up to spend £75 to replace it, so located this soon after a little bit of browsing. We selected it simply because of it’s stylish seems, and powerful component, but that does make it a bit noisy. On the other hand, it really is a kettle and is not in use continuously, so we you should not intellect too substantially, and it boils rapidly. The lid doesn’t open completely when you press the button which can be a little bit annoying, but yet again, it wouldn’t quit me from buying a different just one/recommending it to others. The drinking water degree exhibit is straightforward to see and the on/off button has a discreet purple light-weight to enable you know you have switched it on. For the price it was the best we could come across, and the 1 that we preferred, and we really don’t regret the obtain.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Bosch TWK6831GB Jug Kettle Stainless Steel

  1. Amazon Customer says:
    Last kettle was the same so i was happy to order the same one again.
  2. filiz gildir says:

    This review is from : Bosch TWK6831GB Jug Kettle Stainless Steel

    Great value for money, heats up very quickly looks stylish in my kitchen.
    • Consumer says:
      Great product but check the heigh of your taps. Really like the kettle but cant get it under my mixer tap if there are dishes in the sink. Sounds, trivial but be aware this kettle is pretty tall.
      • FelixDaHousecat says:
        A beautiful and reliable kettle. Had this kettle for 4 years now and it’s absolutely fab. I looks lovely and is nicely balanced when held. It boils fast and most definitely does not leak nor does it give the water a bad taste. I live in a very hard water area so limescale has started to leave its mark over the years. I will buy this kettle again soon.
  3. eiamjw says:
    We previously had the version of this with white plastic sides, which stayed cool. This one looks smart, but the sides get very hot. The other one is branded ‘private collection’ and only seems to be available from john lewis.
    • Mr W N Leslie says:
      Was very satisfied with our previous kettle and was delighted to be. Was very satisfied with our previous kettle and was delighted to be able to replace with the same model.
      • Jennifer Eastham says:
        Looks very cool and is the second i’ve had, both leaked after 2-3 years.
  4. Eric Witty says:
    Excellent kettle, good safe design all switches away from. Excellent kettle,good safe design all switches away from any steam,have noticed many similar kettles have switches that can cause skin burns from boiling condensate,we are well pleased with our bosch,thanks.
  5. Oxana Bondar says:

    This review is from : Bosch TWK6831GB Jug Kettle Stainless Steel

    I’m buying them again and again every. I’m buying them again and again every five to seven years. Got one for my mum and friends for presents. The removable filter here is metal not plastic.

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