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Review and Buying Guide of Alessi Bird Whistle Hob Kettle

Even just after 20+ decades, this kettle stays the most sought following attractive kitchen area item. I have attempted both equally the electric powered version (you should not trouble with the electric powered model, it is quite highly-priced to run, takes for good to boil drinking water and lasts small extra than a year) and this hob version, and the hob model is vastly exceptional. It may possibly be me, but i feel this kettle has been decreased in dimension a little bit from the primary that i gained as a marriage ceremony current all those yrs ago. I nevertheless like the conventional bird whistle, but the plastic will not previous that long if you do not acquire the whistle out of the kettle as quickly as it is boiled and leave it out afterwards as properly (i guess the steam deteriorates the plastic).

Looks excellent as anticipated, will work effectively much too and boils swift. Wants a bit of effort to hold the mirror end but only hassle about that if anticipating visitors.

I have the electric variation which has merrily been in use taking delight of put in the kitchen for the very last 3 several years. Other evaluations of the electric powered edition recommend that i must have anticipated to fail at least two yrs ago. So in anticipation of me needing to replace this alternatively wonderful of purposeful kitchen paraphernalia, ive experienced this sitting in my basket and couldn’t resist acquiring the stove top rated edition when amazon experienced it on sale at a knock down rate of £55. It is now on sale at £88 so a very good invest in. You do not obtain this kettle for its pretty much, you pick it due to the fact you really like the design and if like me that signifies some importance, my overview of this product is. . It boils water like any other kettle. Compared with several some others, you might relish the odd admiring look even though it does its occupation and when it’s just sitting down there waiting around to be put to use. It really is extensive foundation retains it strong, it is a tiny hefty but let us confront it, your shifting it from sink, to hob, to cup. Polish it with a dry, comfortable fabric even though however sizzling (i occasionally use a stainless metal fluid cleaner for more shine) and it will keep seeking new.

Key specs for Alessi Blue Bird Whistle Hob Kettle:

  • Hob Kettle
  • Handle and small bird-shaped whistle in PA
  • Light blue colour
  • Magnetic stainless steel heat diffusing bottom
  • Suitable for all cooking elements
  • Designed by Michael Graves
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 24cm x 24cm

Comments from buyers

“Best looking hob kettle, Classic Alessi design and function, A little bird told me., Lovely kettle, great sound when the whistle works, Welcome addition, A real talking point ++++++++++++++”

I really like this kettle, i experienced required one for a long time and finally handled myself when i moved into my new home. It works on my induction hob and saves me the room an electrical kettle would take up on the perform surface. Moreover, its a get the job done of artwork in its very own correct.

Wonderful kettle – remarkable quality. . This is an correct substitute of my prior alessi blue bird whistle which i have had for twenty yrs. The black knob has ultimately dropped off and the minor blue bird has very long flown. Gorgeous style and design and fantastic high quality and suits properly at the back again of my aga.

A real chatting stage ++++++++++++++. I have experienced this kettle for about 4 months now so i considered i was about time i reviewed it. Although a bit expensive i have to say that i believe it is well worth every penny. By getting the kettle on the stove, it frees area wherever the previous electric kettle applied to sit. Make confident you polish the kettle on common foundation and do not use abrasive sponges (sorry to point out the noticeable). Absolutely everyone feedback on my kettle and i have to say that the much more i use it, the far more i adore it. If you can manage it, purchase it. Also, if you have a array cooker then you would be mad not to spend in a single of these kettles.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Alessi Bird Whistle Hob Kettle

  1. chrissy says:

    This review is from : Alessi Blue Bird Whistle Hob Kettle

    Is a stylish iconic kettle – bought for a fantastic price – delivery right on top of christmas was. This is a stylish iconic kettle – bought for a fantastic price – delivery right on top of christmas was fantastic (24hrs) amazing deal.
  2. Mis E. L. Twyford says:

    This review is from : Alessi Blue Bird Whistle Hob Kettle

    You have to get the bird whistle in just the right place otherwise it makes more of a squeaky sound. Make sure you keep wiping it over as it gets marks on it very easily.
    • margaret groome says:
      Love my new else’s i kettle the only thing is the whistle doesn’t always work.
  3. Jane says:

    This review is from : Alessi Blue Bird Whistle Hob Kettle

    At last i have the kettle i have always wanted. I have always wanted one of these kettles and now i have one its such a good feelingthis kettle works on an induction hob,take the lid off to fill with water,remove the bird to poor boiling water. I have thought for years that when this kettle boiled the bird whistle would be more tweetie bird like, but alas it is just like the kettle whistle of my previous kettle. Love the design, i feel very happy to own this kettle its an honour.
  4. Brian Hunt says:

    This review is from : Alessi Blue Bird Whistle Hob Kettle

    Beautiful looking design and boils fast on induction. Beautiful looking design and boils fast on induction, but does not whistle – it just hisses loudly and it is tricky to remove and replace bird whistle when kettle is hot without scalding fingers.
    • christina says:
      Great looking kettle, but really disappointed with the whistle, as it just about make a noise.
      • powderpuff says:
        Not as nice as the red/blue kettle i originally owned. Not as nice as the red/blue kettle i originally owned. Whistle is stiff and doesn’t really whistle. Lid is really hard for me to push in to seal. Do really like this design tho; looks great on the stove.

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