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Review and Buying Guide of Alessi 9093 B Kettle Stainless Steel

Design flaws – handle can get quite hot. It doesn’t always boil properly eventhough it whistles. Bird whistle melted on gas hob. Also quite difficult to clean. I would not recommend this kettle.

I love this little kettle it has brightened up my kitchen, so that makes me very happy it’s nice to look at and nice to use.

I will never use this lovely alessi kettle, it has pride of place on top of my dresser with all the other alessi i have collected over the years.

Key specs for Alessi 9093 B Kettle Stainless Steel with Handle and Bird-Shaped Whistle Polyamide Black:

  • Kettles
  • 24cm x 25cm x 24cm
  • Diameter- cm: 22
  • Capacity- cl: 200

Comments from buyers

“Prettiest, most stylish kettle I’ve ever seen, Style and Performance!, Functional & Elegant, Looks better than it is, So great I bought a second one, Hope the House Doesn’t Burn Down”

Bird whistle bit awkward to get in and out and dosnt whistle properly. In my opinion expensive for what it is, but does the job ok.

Have owned two of these kettles up to now. They are a fantastic eye-catching design, look great in a modern kitchen but it tarnishes very quickly and very easily. What i have found is to turn the gas really low which does help reduce the awful tarnish marks on the sides and prolongs the life of the kettle.

Love it but takes ages to boil. . Love it, arrived quickly and in good shape although it took 16 minutes to boil a full kettle.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of Alessi 9093 B Kettle Stainless Steel

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    This review is from : Alessi 9093 B Kettle Stainless Steel with Handle and Bird-Shaped Whistle Polyamide Black

    Hope the house doesn’t burn down. I have lusted after this kettle for years, bit disappointed with it upon receiving it. It looks great, but the whistle is barely audible, which is rather concerning. Feel a bit like i was sold a dud.
  2. Sassy says:

    This review is from : Alessi 9093 B Kettle Stainless Steel with Handle and Bird-Shaped Whistle Polyamide Black

    Iconic design teakettle has lasted 20 years and still going. . I’ve had my 9093 kettle since 1995, i use it every day and it still looks great. I bought a spare bird whistle in an alessi store in italy while on vacation because my beloved, old, toothless boy cat loved to climb up at night, steal the bird, and gum it. I still use the mangled bird whistle (it works) but old puss has long since departed this world. Yes, i let the water boil out once and the knob on the top softened and sits slightly a’kilter and the stainless took on a slightly darker hue. But the iconic design still looks as clean and marvelous as it first did. I use it on my largest gas ring because of its broad bottom and it boils quickly. Plan to use it for another 20 (or more) years.Ps i would never pick up anyone’s boiling teakettle without a mitt or hot pad.
    • glyn wardle says:
      This is just what i was looking for beautiful design i would recomend this kettle.
      • Aidan Campbell says:
        The alessi kettle is so far the best kettle i have ever bought. On my new induction hob (1 month old) it boils so fast you can’t do another job while you are waiting and the family love the whistle to tell us it is ready. It is very stylish but also delivers on performance.
  3. SueSpain says:
    Excellent kettle & beautiful design. The wide bottom makes it extremely efficient when boiling on a gas hob. I tend not to use the bird whistle as it is stiff & awkward to remove when the kettle has boiled – hence the 4 star rating. It would be easier if it had a flip-up design.
    • Bakedbean says:
      So great i bought a second one. Hubbie had hankered after one for a while purchased at reasonable price, whistle replaced by amazon as faulty, second whistle worked when put in. Boiled kettle without whistler and forgot, kettle boiled dry and the metal lid appears to be plastic. Silver has turned to white plastic lid, realise could have been much worse and my own silly mistakehad to buy hubby replacement and i always use whistler now.
      • Greeneyez says:
        Prettiest, most stylish kettle i’ve ever seen. I was just fed up of buying new electric kettles each year after they konk out. I had a new really sexy black and silver gas hob installed so decided to get a sexy shiny hob kettle, which i figured would way outlast electric kettles. This alessi hob kettle is sexy, stylish, costs a fair few £££’s but as i spent a fair few £££’s wasted on kettles that die after a year i figured it was a good investment. It whistles and has the cutest little bird, everyone who visits comments on how wicked this kettle looks. Descales well with kettle descaler. The only thing i’ve noticed is after some time the bottom of the kettle, ie where the little dot/bobble details are (see picture) that has gone a little bit tarnished, it’s still silver but a bit tarnished and no amount of polishing/buffing gets it back. Maybe i need to use a metal polish?. To clean the outside of the kettle to keep it extremely shiny so it always has the stunning look, i just wipe it over with a hot damp cloth and buff it up with a soft micro fibre cloth, only takes a minute. If you’re frying on your hob, just move the kettle away to avoid it getting splashed, you can of course wipe it off but prevention is better. When it boils, blow tyhe steam away as you remove the little bird to avoid fingers getting burned by steam. Don’t leave it boiling too long as the handle will get hot to the touch, due to steam, altho it does cool quickly. Overall i am very happy with my beautiful kettle.

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